We have had some success in the investment business and now see the foundation as enabling us to plan for charitable giving during the remainder of our lives in a more meaningful and thoughtful way. read more

The Hite FoundationSummit, New Jersey

As soon as we were able, we started the TSI program and established the RGK Foundation to pay back and thank America for giving us the opportunity to achieve some of our dreams and to help others achieve their dreams. read more

RGK FoundationAustin, Texas

Family philanthropy has brought us closer together. Each family member is encouraged to pursue their own passions, to be engaged, and to experiment what it’s like to be the asker as well as the giver. read more

The Alternatives FundDenver, Colorado

We learned that establishing and running a family foundation is essentially for those who enjoy giving to others… read more

Boone Family FoundationSan Marino, California

Our children are our future, and each of us has a moral obligation to prepare them… read more

John FoundationTaylor, Michigan

We cannot put a price on the education and support that we have received from TSI. The foundation has transformed and strengthened our family. read more

Charles T. Beaired FoundationShreveport, Louisiana

Now our five adult children have become involved, and they seem as interested as we are in helping our society. read more

England Family FoundationWashington D.C

Each member of the family recognized the wonders of our salvation and together decided that we should attempt to help others suffering from chemical dependency find their way to sobriety, stability and God’s Grace. read more

Hanley Family FoundationNorth Carolina

This allowed me and my family to work together in investigating, over time areas of elementary/high school education where we might be able to contribute our knowledge as well as our financial resources. read more

McDougal Family FoundationChicago, Illinois

As a family we have grown close, become more sensitive to the needs of others and are learning new concepts daily as we seek to be good stewards of our blessings. read more

Lipscomb Family FoundationColumbia, S. Carolina